TRW brings Electric Park Brake to front axle

March 28, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TRW brings Electric Park Brake to front axle
Automotive supplier TRW has unveiled an Electric Park Brake (EPB) system for front axles – a development which makes the technology more affordable for a wider range of vehicle segments. The brake offers a number of safety benefits in addition to space optimization in the vehicle's passenger compartment thanks to the elimination of the handbrake lever or pedal.

Until recently, vehicle manufacturers have been reluctant to routinely fit disc brakes to the rear axles of small cars - normally a pre-requisite for EPB – because they are relatively expensive and lower cost drum brakes can comfortably meet performance specifications. TRW now claims that its front axle EPB offers an affordable solution, requiring only small modifications to the front axle calipers and integrating the necessary electronic components and software into an existing ESC control unit.

Similar to conventional rear EPB applications, the front axle system offers simple vehicle assembly within the wheel environment and enhances emergency braking performance through integration with ABS/ESC in the event of hydraulic failure. In addition, a wide range of comfort and safety features can be included, for example, hill and drive away assist; ECD (electronically controlled deceleration); rollaway detection; and premium stand still management to support 'stop and go' and 'auto hold' functionality.

Acccording to TRW, the front axle EPB offers OEMs the potential to further reduce the cost and weight of the rear drum brake systems which no longer require shoe actuators, linkages, fixing devices, cables, or the handbrake lever itself.

The company said production launch of the front EPB is planned for 2013.

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