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June 06, 2014 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TRW demos Emergency Steering Assist
Automotive supplier TRW, according to a recent Semicast study the global number six in the automotive electronics market rankings, prepares for rising demand for camera and radar based driver assistance systems. These days, the company presented the fourth generation of its radar sensors and the third generation of its camera system. In 3D spatial recognition, TRW's pursuits a different approach than its competitors - with excellent results.
with 50° aperture offers a compromise between distance and resolution, and the ACC mode with an aperture angle of 25° works best on motorways with relatively high speed and distances of up to 180m. Thus, OEMs can utilize the sensor for both ACC applications and AEB systems as required by NCAP in the future.

Both radar and camera sensors complement each other. The implementation as separated sensors also allows TRW to react flexibly on potential future changes in Euro NCAP requirements.

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