Turning ordinary testers into extra-ordinary instruments

July 26, 2018 //By Martin Kingdon
Turning ordinary testers into extra-ordinary instruments
The fast pace of new technology can mean that companies are pushing the boundaries with products faster than the manufacturers of test equipment can keep up. As one of the leading test facilities in Europe, Presto Engineering has encountered this problem many times and has devised many ways to solve it.

In most cases, Presto creates a hardware solution that is built into the load board so that a standard tester could be used rather than having to buy and charge the customer for a highly specialised tester. Test costs are based on the time that a tester is used so that the small additional costs of components on a load board is significantly more cost effective than moving to a higher feature or specialised tester.

An example of adapting standard test equipment to outperform is for ultra-low current testing. By adding a current amplifier onto the load board, a standard tester can now be used to measure currents as low as one nanoAmp. Similarly, a customer needed 6.5 GHz testing but standard testers only handle up to 6 GHz. A tester that could handle up to 12 GHz is much more expensive. 

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