Turning the world into a digital user interface: SuriCog

September 24, 2015 // By Julien Happich
Turning the world into a digital user interface: SuriCog
What would strike you at first when looking at the glass-free spectacles demonstrated by French startup SuriCog at the enova exhibition, is the lack of screen for the projection of digital information in some sort of superimposed augmented reality scenario.

But SuriCog is here to demonstrate some unique eye-tracking technology which could turn your surroundings into a custom user interface, naturally.

A small camera mounted inwards detects the reflection of two IR LEDs illuminating the right eye ball, then video image processing determines the actual axis of vision of the wearer. Also integrated on the right side of the spectacle is a special telemetry system which gives the distance of the wearer to the nearest physical object in his/her line of sight.

If you intersect that data with a 3D digital model of your environment, then you are able to not only tell where the wearer is looking but also where he or she is situated in this environment.

"We can track the user's location to within millimetres", told us Arthur Carrier, business engineer at SuriCog, though he was shy about the actual technology used to perform the distance measurement.

From looking at the WEETSY design (that's how they call the wearable device), one could suspect a dark slanted optical window on the slightly bulging right spectacle arm. This could be hosting some sort of IR laser, but again Carrier didn’t want to comment. Of course, we are not talking about absolute geolocation but relative user positions within a given environment.

"For now, we are looking for early adopters of our technology to identify the potential killer apps and help us refine our offering" he said, "So we perform feasibility studies and provide a demonstrator together with a software development kit" he added.

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