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October 16, 2018 //By Nick Flaherty
UltraSoc moves into big data analytics in system on chip designs
Embedded analytics IP vendor UltraSoC (Cambridge, England) has developed a new version of its development tools that can handle gigabytes of data from inside system on chips in real time for analysis both during development and in a system design.

“It’s a very fluid world in data analytics and we are not claiming we have cracked that but we have some very helpful things we have written, building blocks, but a lot of that will be case by case for a particular customers and we are providing a starting place and they can build on, or if they have something they can plug in.”

“Alibaba have more data scientists than half of Britain so why would be think we would do a better job than them,” he said.

This data analytics capability opens up a whole new discussion with system developers, he says. “For example, for functional safety for validation and safety the analytics can be running live while the chip is running and report safety violations, the same for security, we could be part of a security architecture alerting if an unauthorised process is trying to access protected memory, and we have a very elegant way of optimising software as we are looking at the actual software running so we can see what’s going on in the cache and the memory controller.”

“That’s very different market,” he said. “We are already having discussions with system companies interested n making their product better with better diagnostics.”

UltraDevelop 2 makes use of industry-standard interfaces such as the Eclipse Target Communication Framework (TCF), the GDB Remote Serial Protocol (RSP), Common Trace Format (CTF), and MI, the machine interface layer commonly used to communicate between a debugger’s backend and the IDE front end. It also uses the OpenOCD project and adds custom extensions to provide debug support through its on-chip monitoring and analytics hardware, with the results being released back to the open source community for further development.

UltraDevelop 2 will be available to qualified customers in Q1 2019, with general availability shortly after


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