US holds 11 times China's share of world IC market

April 19, 2021 // By Peter Clarke
US holds 11 times China's share of world IC market
China holds 5 percent of the world's IC market compared with the United States' 55 percent, according to IC Insights.

The market researcher has compiled the 2020 regional market share – excluding foundries – for integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and fabless chip companies by their headquarters location.

The US is the leader both in terms of IDM and fabless chips. In aggregate the US held

55 percent of the total worldwide IC market in 2020 followed by the South Korean companies with a 21 percent share.  Taiwanese companies, on the strength of their fabless company IC sales, held 7 percent of total IC sales, one point greater than the European and Japanese companies. Chinese companies held only 5 percent of the global IC market in 2020.

Worldwide company IC market share in 2020 by headquarters location excluding foundries. Source: IC Insights.

South Korean and Japanese companies have an extremely weak presence in the fabless IC segment and the Taiwanese and Chinese companies have a very low share of the IDM portion of the IC market.  

Japan held 49 percent of the market in 1990 due to their mastery of memory manufacturing but that share has fallen over the subsequent 30 years to just 6 percent. European firms were holding steady at 9 percent of the world market in the previous century but the situation has deteriorated since 2005 to measure 6 percent.

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