Using 802.11 in industrial applications

October 07, 2013 //By Jack Ganssle, Mouser Electronics
Using 802.11 in industrial applications
The IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard dates to 1997 and was rapidly adopted in homes and offices. It is eminently suitable for industrial environments as well, such as warehouses and factories.
But those facilities are much more inhospitable to electronics and RF than a home. Ranges are greater as well. The IEEE 802.11 standard has evolved dramatically, and is now a collection of standards with downward compatibility.

From the original 1 Mbit per second requirements it now (or, soon with a new version that is in draft form) will stream data at 7 Gbit per second. Frequencies are migrating to 60 GHz, which means antennas are much more complex and walls absorb much of the signal.

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