UV LED adhesives curing systems outputs 50% more power

December 02, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Phoseon Technology’s FireJet FJ801 area curing solution targets electronics manufacturing adhesives cure applications and lab material/substrate curing.

The new air-cooled solution provides increased power of up to 50% over its predecessor, the J800. It is designed primarily for production lines which requires area curing such as micro speakers and camera modules manufacturing. Starting from a base curing area of 100x100mm, these modular products can scale in three directions, to provide contiguous, uniform UV output. The FJ801 is available in 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm wavelengths with a light source that offers process stability with Phoseon’s patented TargetCure technology for precise and predictable UV output.
The FJ801 light source comes with a separate controller that uses a simple, intuitive graphical interface, controlling up to two lamps and now displaying the accumulated time that the UV lamp has been ON, as well as lamp temperature.

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