VCSEL module boosts spatial recognition and ranging by 30 percent

November 30, 2020 //By Nick Flaherty
VCSEL module boosts spatial recognition and ranging by 30 percent
Rohm’s VCSEL module technology reduces laser circuit design load while improving distance measurement accuracy

Rohm has launched a VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) module technology that achieves greater accuracy in spatial recognition and distance measuring systems using Time Of Flight (TOF).

The company plans on releasing the first module in March 2021 for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in the industrial market and facial recognition systems for mobile devices requiring high accuracy sensing. The company will also continue to develop high output lasers for LiDAR in vehicles and other applications.

Conventional laser light sources have the VCSEL device and MOSFET for driving the light source individually mounted on the board. This can mean the wiring length and parasitic inductance between the devices has an unintentional effect on the light source output and drive time. This can make it difficult to achieve a light source that provides the high output and short pulses needed for high accuracy sensing.

Rohm’s module technology puts the VCSEL and MOSFET elements into a single package, minimising the wiring between elements. This enables shorter pulse drive times of under 10ns that reduces susceptibility to external noise from sunlight while enabling up to 30 percent higher output over conventional solutions.

As a result, when evaluating ROHM’s VCSEL module technology in spatial recognition and ranging systems comprised of a control IC, TOF sensor (light receiving element), and laser light source (VCSEL module), the amount of light reflected to the TOF sensor is increased by 30 percent over conventional configurations, contributing to improved accuracy in TOF systems.

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