Video-capable colour ePaper in demand for Chinese school tablets

November 22, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Video-capable colour ePaper in demand for Chinese school tablets
After Californian startup CLEARink Displays had closed a USD5 million in Series C funding, backed by a number of Asian display manufacturers, eeNews Europe caught up with the company's Vice President of Marketing, Sri Peruvemba.

CLEARink Displays' principle of operation.

CLEARink Displays claims it is the only company to be able to offer full colour e-paper capable of running video, with refresh rates over 30Hz. The technology which Peruvemba like to describes as ePaper 2.0, relies on a single-particle system. In the white state, the electrophoretic display's fluid-born black nanoparticles are positioned only nanometers away from the surface of a transparent film imprinted with micro-hemispherical cups. Those microcups then provide total internal reflection. When applying a positive charge, the negatively charged particles move up against the back of the film and absorb the light, creating a dark state. Full colour is added with an extra layer of colour filters.

According to Peruvemba, incumbent ePaper manufacturer E Ink fails to deliver video rates because it uses a slower two-particle system, with black and white particles having to interchange their positions on top of the substrate. The process is slower than the one-particle system CLEARink Displays uses, which has a much shorter distance to travel to the top film, explains Peruvemba who remembers demonstrating E Ink's animated ePaper almost ten years ago, as he was then the company's Marketing Chief Officer (he left E Ink in 2013).

"Since we are a small startup, we have to focus on the markets where E Ink is not strong, and video capability is our business driver", says Peruvemba, arguing that for e-Schoolbooks, animations just don't cut it, full colour video is what OEMs want.

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