Voice processor and development kit to mull voice-enabled TV

July 23, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Voice processor
Built around the XMOS XVF3510 voice processor, XMOS’s VocalFusion development kit is a far-field 2-mic solution optimised for smart TVs and set-top boxes.

The XVF3510 voice processor runs the company’s next generation acoustic algorithms support far-field voice capture with close range precision, while only costing $0.991 which enables manufacturers to embed a voice interface into mass-market smart TVs and set-top boxes economically.

Developed in the UK and purpose-built for modern living spaces, XMOS’ next generation acoustic algorithms can identify and isolate a voice command from every other sound in the room (including any media streaming through the device itself). They include a stereo acoustic echo canceller, an interference canceller to cancel out unwanted background noise, and an adaptive delay estimator that dynamically adjusts audio reference signal latency, ensuring the acoustic echo cancellation algorithms deliver a smooth, real-time experience.

XMOS - www.xmos.com

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