Wabco equips Hyundai trucks with advanced braking and distance control systems

May 20, 2011 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Wabco equips Hyundai trucks with advanced braking and distance control systems
Automotive tier one supplier Wabco Holdings has signed an agreement with Hyundai Motor Company to develop and supply its OnGuardPLUS advanced emergency braking system. In addition, Wabco will provide Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems to Hyundai.

According to Wabco, its advanced emergency braking system (AEBS) reduces the risk of colliding with moving vehicles ahead as well as decelerating vehicles ahead that come to a standstill. It fully applies brakes in imminent collision situations and provides the driver with acoustic and visual warning. It autonomously initiates emergency braking, enables maximum possible deceleration and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It also reacts to stationary vehicles ahead, for example, when approaching traffic congestion.

Wabco claims that OnGuardPLUS is the commercial vehicle industry's first system in compliance with the European Union's expected regulation to make AEBS mandatory on new heavy duty commercial vehicles in all EU member countries from November 2013. AEBS is also expected to become mandatory in South Korea and up to 29 other countries worldwide where AEBS for commercial vehicles will be adopted in accordance with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Regulation 13 for braking.

Wabco is already developing OnGuardPLUS applications for Hyundai Motor’s new range of heavy duty trucks. The company expects to start deliveries of OnGuardPLUS systems for series production in 2013.

Besides its AEBS, Wabco will also supply Hyundai Motor commercial vehicles with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). ACC automatically adjusts the truck’s speed to maintain a preset distance to the moving vehicle ahead. It reacts with acoustic and visual warning, engine control and, if necessary, by partially applying the brakes.

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