Waterproof strain gage devices support outdoor measurement applications

October 12, 2018 // By Julien Happich
The W2A Series of IPX8S rated, waterproof strain gages introduced by the Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group provides protection in applications where there is exposure to water.

As moisture is the most common cause of field installation failures, the W2A provides long-term defence from water-exposure, resists harmful chemicals, and allows for immediate and thorough protection in field environments. Reducing the complexity involved in strain gage installation, the W2A series comes with built-in pre-attached lead wires that require no additional sealing protection and significantly shorten strain gage installation process and time.

Based on the CEA Series with Option P2 pre-attached cables, W2A strain gages are fully enclosed between a top silicone rubber coating 0.1 inch-thick and a bottom layer of 0.0005 inch-thick polyimide film. The 0.1 inch-thick silicone rubber coating is soft and comfortable, allowing bonding to curved surfaces. The coating is rectangular in shape with a typical border of 3mm all around the matrix of the pattern, depending upon gage size. It can easily be trimmed with a razor blade when space is limited. The lead wires consist of flat 3 conductor 30 AWG vinyl material, 10 feet in length and coloured red, white, and black. Moisture protection is rated IPX8S (tested to 10 GΩ insulation resistance, 1 meter water depth, 30 minutes duration. The W2A Series is ideal for applications in bridge monitoring, construction sites and projects, outdoor machinery (cranes, agriculture, etc), oil and gas field machinery, pipelines, and marine applications.

Micro-Measurements - www.micro-measurements.com

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