Web and mobile app eases office lighting planning and commissioning

April 23, 2020 //By Julien Happich
Osram’s HubSense intelligent lighting management system is an easy-to-commission and scalable solution for retrofitting LED office lighting.

The mobile app leverages standardized “Qualified Bluetooth Mesh” technology and is suitable for upgrading existing lighting systems in small and medium-sized businesses. Existing installations can therefore be updated without new cabling and without the use of a gateway or any other IT equipment. HubSense is also suitable for new installations in single offices, open-plan offices, corridors and conference rooms and offers the flexibility needed to adapt the lighting to changes in room usage, in advance and off-site. When on-site, the app-based wireless identification of the luminaires means they can be quickly assigned to the desired lighting zones for simplified and faster commissioning.
Osram – www.osram.com

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