What will a phone look like in ten years?: Page 3 of 4

August 13, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Remember predictive texting? It was a huge improvement from the multi-tap approach. Mobile phones have come a long way since then and advancements in the industry are not slowing down.


Imagine being in a supermarket, holding up your camera, and inferring which fruit is the freshest. Or, in a more extreme example, the camera could be used for driving in dangerously dense fog by providing augmented outlines of surrounding vehicles on the windscreen. This idea is well on its way to becoming a reality.

A new spectroscopy device is opening the door for regular people to use technology that was once only available in laboratories. Developed by Graphene Flagship Partner ICFO, Spain, this device is built into a smart phone camera, which enables it to see more than the human eye. The device could be used to identify everything from counterfeit drugs to harmful substances, all within seconds. 

The spectrometer is enabled by graphene, a recurring material in several mobile research projects. These Graphene Flagship’s development is the world’s smallest single pixel spectrometer and is set to take the mobile industry by storm.

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