Wind River OS support for Intel’s functional-safety processor

December 12, 2016 //By Graham Prophet
Wind River OS support for Intel’s functional-safety processor
Wind River has announced compatibility of its software with Intel’s newly-launched functional safety processor, designed for use in safety-critical systems. VxWorks, Wind River Linux and Wind River Simics are all supported by the Intel Xeon processor D-1529, to aid development of safe, secure and reliable functional safety solutions.

Intel’s functional safety processor designed for use in safety-critical systems – the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 industrial IEC 61508 certification solution – is unlike other small processors that serve the safety-critical industry. It is an enterprise-class Intel Xeon processor packaged in a Broadwell DE core with hardware virtualization assist supporting simultaneous multiple guest operating system (OS) environments, such as VxWorks and Wind River Linux, on a single compute platform.

This product removes significant risk from future safety programs using this solution. Designed for industrial safety certification, Intel has already received a TÜV IEC 61508 SIL 2 certification for this platform immediately enabling this processor to be used in industrial safety-critical platforms such as robotics, autonomous systems, and industrial controls.

Wind River software complements the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 solution with a portfolio of products enabling the development of safe, secure, and reliable functional safety solutions including;

  • The VxWorks RTOS with an off-the-shelf board support package (BSP) for the Intel customer reference board. The VxWorks suite provides the availability of both security and safety products delivering a broad set of features to efficiently and effectively protect devices, data, and intellectual property, and advanced time and space partitioning capabilities.
  • Wind River Linux, a Yocto Project compatible Linux distribution, offers additional capabilities such as security enhancements, virtualization, and carrier grade features together with risk assurance and cost savings. A Linux support package also exists for the Intel customer reference board for the Intel Xeon processor D-1529.
  • The Wind River Simics model of the Intel Xeon processor D-1529 enables a shorter path to certification through improved test efficiency and pre-silicon availability, enabling a faster time to market. The Intel certification team used this Simics model to accelerate their time to certification and increase the quality of their tests.

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