Windshield wipers more accurate than weather radar for monitoring rainfall: Page 3 of 3

February 05, 2019 //By Stephen Mraz
Windshield wipers more accurate than weather radar for monitoring rainfall
Engineers at the University of Michigan have added some serious tech to automotive windshield wipers, building a mobile network more accurate than weather radar at tracking and monitoring local rainfalls.

Researchers collected data from a set of 70 cars outfitted with sensors embedded in windshield wipers and dashboard cameras. That program, called Safety Pilot, was the World’s largest connected vehicle test program with roughly 3,000 participants. It is now called the Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment.

Kerkez and Vasudevan say their research represents the first step in creating a smart infrastructure network fed by and responding to data collected from vehicles on the road. But more work will be needed to bring the concept to fruition.

“One day, when everything is connected, we’re going to see the benefits of this data collection at a system scale,” Kerkez says. “Right now, we’ve made connections between cars and water, but there will surely be more examples of data sharing between interconnected infrastructure systems.”

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