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November 03, 2020 //By Thomas Søderholm
Wireless and wellness
The wellness industry has become big business, with wireless technology and wearables helping power the boom says Thomas Søderholm at Nordic Semiconductor
have the device determine if the food is suitable for them based on their unique genetic traits and activity levels.

While DnaNudge is designed to address two key wellness factors in nutrition and exercise, New York-based, MDCN Technologies, has developed a solution that targets two others. The company’s NeoRhythm headband is designed to stimulate brainwaves to help the user sleep better and de-stress. Five magnetic field-generating inverted coils target specific areas in the brain or spinal cord and generate specific dominant rhythms that mirror the mind’s naturally-occurring frequencies that humans associate with specific activities. The wearer then selects from a range of stimulation programs—for example, improved sleep, relaxation, meditation or pain control.

These are two examples of many, and we expect to see more innovative examples of wearable wellness tech emerge in the coming months and years. Of course, wearables are only part of the wellness solution, they can’t do exercise, healthy eating, and sleeping for you. But they can act as a powerful enabler, supported by ever more sophisticated sensors and wireless technology.

Thomas Søderholm is  Business Development Manager – Health at Nordic Semiconductor


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