Wireless biosensor platform targets health-monitoring wearables

May 09, 2018 //By Julien Happich
Wireless biosensor platform targets health-monitoring wearables
The Life Signal Product platform launched by LifeSignals is claimed to be the world’s first family of semiconductor chips optimized for mobile and wearable applications in medical and health monitoring for life-critical applications. The product family was developed and industrialized in conjunction with STMicroelectronics and 3M to meet the stringent needs of the medical market.

The LSP family currently consists of two silicon devices and developer support items: the LC1100 Life Signal Processor, a single-chip solution for disposable clinical-grade biosensor patches; and the LC5500 UWB, a companion receiver chip that is optionally used in mobile and certain fixed receiver devices. The LSP chipset’s hybrid radio (featuring Wi-Fi, Ultra-Wideband and Medical-Band standards) was invented to deliver wire-grade connectivity across multiple parallel wireless channels when multiple subjects are being monitored wearing LSP-based biosensors. 
The LSP family is supported by a full suite of hardware and software development tools, including a development board and a software development kit (SDK) for customers to design desired customized devices based on LSP. In addition, production-ready reference designs are available for multiple product types – including patches, smart clothing-based designs, receiver devices, etc. Various apps are available for iOS and Android devices. 

The LSP product family was developed in collaboration with two major strategic partners. Innovation giant 3M provided key inputs and vital resources to verify the applicability of LSP technology. Semiconductor leader STMicroelectronics provided resources for silicon development, manufacturing and quality assurance for high volume production of LSP devices. 
LifeSignals -  www.lifesignals.com

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