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November 27, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Wireless BMS gives supercar batteries a second life
Wireless battery management system (BMS) technology will play a key role in the second life of batteries. The technology is already being used in a €2m electric supercar being developed in Croatia.

pack with a wireless BMS you can mix and match them for other applications. You can have the data follow the cell, accurate state of health and state of charge calculations, having that data wirelessly gives benefits to predicting the lifetime.”

The battery technology will also have to change, says Gracin.

“98 percent of our effort goes into the battery,” he said. “We have reached the limit with chemistries. For last 10 years not a lot has changed, and they will need to change in the future. We are squeezing everything out of the batteries.”

The Rimac C_Two is set for a limited production run of 150 vehicles in 2021 priced at €2m.

www.analog.com; www.rimac.com

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