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November 18, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Wireless charging on the Moon
Astrobotic, Bosch and the University of Washington are working with WiBotic on a wireless charging system that will work on the Moon

“By the end of this we will be testing the system in NASA chambers that simulates regolith, the temperature extremes and the radiation as well as the shock and vibration requirements to survive the launch,” he said. “Our longer term vision is to pioneer a lunar wireless power grid to supply energy for a wide range of both manned and unmanned vehicles, irrespective of their individual battery types, voltages or required power levels. This is only the first step in creating a common infrastructure of wireless charging stations and Fleet Energy management software to be deployed across the surface of the moon.”

“Bringing wireless power technology to the surface of the Moon and beyond is a game changer in the way space robotics systems have traditionally interacted,” says Cedric Corpa de la Fuente, Electrical Engineer for Planetary Mobility at Astrobotic. “For instance, by removing dependencies to solar charging, a new wide range of opportunities for smaller and lighter systems becomes available for missions that were not within reach before - such as survival of lunar night missions. Just like Astrobotic's CubeRover, WiBotic's wireless technology platform is scalable and supports a wide range of power needs. This makes the end product very appealing not only for companies but also for all new space electrical systems and infrastructures.”


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