Wireless power transfer coils combine charging function and NFC

May 29, 2020 // By Julien Happich
power transfer coils
The WE-WPCC WPT/NFC wireless power coils from Würth Elektronik combine wireless power transmission with the Near Field Communication (NCF) standard thus enabling, for example, the combination of a charging station for smartphones with identification and payment functions.

Other new additions include a high power coil (WE-WPCC 760308101311) with 400 W output and a "flat" version, two coils whose respective heights of 2.8 mm and 3.1 mm are only half as high as those of other transmitter coils (WE-WPCC 760308101411 and 760308101410).

The NFC coil in the WE-WPCC WPT/NFC enables data rates up to 848 kbps and the WPT coil allows wireless power transmission output up to 100 W (at 20 V input voltage) in one efficient solution. The coil combination in a compact PET sleeve with adhesive surface can be used according to the Qi (5 W and 15 W) and AirFuel Alliance standards as well as in proprietary solutions with higher power. For the optimal combination of transmitter and receiver coils, Würth Elektronik recommends its " Mix and Match " tool and also the Wireless Power Development Kits .

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