Witekio is hiring

September 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Witekio is hiring
Reflecting on market trends, embedded and mobile software development company Adeneo Embedded is repositioning itself as a system software integrator under the new name Witekio.

eeNews Europe caught up with the company's original founder and CEO Yannick Chammings to better understand what's behind the name change.

Witekio's CEO Yannick Chammings

"When I created Adeneo Embedded fifteen years ago, we were helping companies with our OS expertise on Linux. 20 years ago, MCUs ran very limited software, most OEMs were able to do software in house" recalls Chammings.

"With the IoT trend, there is more consumerization, devices are more interconnected, with more complex UIs, integrated to the cloud and within complex ecosystems. Technical expertise is no longer sufficient, you must be able to optimize the integration of different software components. More and more often, we help our customers solve technical issues on software while keeping a tab on power budget constraints or graphical rendering" he continued.

Somehow, the CEO explained that Adeneo Embedded has naturally evolved to meet the increasing needs of its customers and wants to officialise that evolution and business maturity with a name change. Witekio, which phonetically sounds like "we take you" is promising a reinsuring technical partnership, with a device-thinking approach.

According to Chammings, while IT and service providers would typically make a data-centric proposition, Witekio's capability to think "device-centric" with the hardware and software architecture in mind makes it a better partner to provide the integration and physical interconnection with data services.

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