X-ray detection photosensor array integrates ADC

December 18, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Designed for X-ray detection, Ams’ AS5950 integrated sensor chip will enable an improved CT detector for more detailed images at lower system costs.

The AS5950 is a CMOS device that combines a high-sensitivity photodiode array and a 64-channel analog-to-digital converter on the same die. As a single chip, the AS5950 is easier to mount in a CT detector module. Current CT scanner manufacturers need to assemble a discrete photodiode array on a complex PCB, connected via long traces to a discrete read-out chip. In 8- and 16-slice CT scanners, replacement of this complex PCB assembly with a single AS5950 chip dramatically reduces the image-noise performance and importantly manufacturers materials and production costs. The AS5950 comes with an optimum pixel size of 0.98x0.98 mm². However, this can be customized

upon request to suit the OEMs specific needs within a reasonably short lead-time. The sensor can be directly assembled on a substrate using a wire bonding process for manufacturing of a CT module. A CT module reference design, the AS5950M simplifies the integration into a complete CT detector. This two-side buttable module has either 2x2 array of AS5950 assembled on one substrate to build a sensor area of 32 x 16 mm² or 2x4 array of AS5950 for a sensor area of 32 x 32 mm².
The very low power dissipation of typ. 0.65 mW per channel enables manufacturer to implement low-cost air cooling of CT scanners. An integrated temperature sensor enables monitoring of the junction temperature. The AS5950 also offers fast integration time of as little as 200 µs, to support high scanner rotation speed.

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