EVE Toolchain now supports third party hardware

January 22, 2020 //By
EVE Toolchain
Further extending the operational parameters of the ecosystem that accompanies its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controllers, Bridgetek has released a new improved version of EVE Screen Editor (ESE).

Relying on simple drag-and-drop actions, ESE 3.3 is the latest update to the company’s intuitive Windows-based tool intended to assist engineers in expediting advanced level HMI construction, without requiring any prior expertise in that area. Through its use, engineers can optimise their HMI layout and create detailed display lists. They can also evaluate the effectiveness of their HMI and make alterations, as well as experimenting with different design concepts and configurations.
ESE 3.3 is able to connect to numerous items of external hardware, such as the VM800, VM816 and ME81x HMI development platforms. In addition, the device sync feature enables the latest generation of third party EVE display modules from Bridgetek partner Riverdi to be supported. A greater breadth of example projects can now be accessed, including ones relating to functions like the Blend_Func and the circular progress bar widget. For greater convenience, ESE 3.3 allows either horizontal or vertical movements to be accurately charted (with XY coordinates given). The user can also constrain an object’s movement along one axis when it is being dragging (for precision placement). Through the analytical features incorporated, engineers can check a given pixel’s value on the status bar (by hovering the mouse over the viewport window).
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