Bundled kit speeds up your sensor & edge compute projects

November 24, 2017 // By Julien Happich
This month, Silver Spring Networks is giving away five starter kits for battery sensor & edge compute, featuring an IoT Edge Router and a Milli Shield development kit for Arduino boards. Retailing for €302, the bundled kit approved for use in EU countries contains a Milli Developer Kit v1.0 for EU and an IoT Edge Router Kit HW3 - Europe & Middle East with WAN mode for communication with the network and data backhaul.

The Milli 5 is a cost-effective, energy-efficient sub-GHz wireless communications device optimized for a wide range of 802.15.4g network. It may be integrated with battery-powered devices such as water meters, photocells, and logistics pallet tracking devices. It comes equipped with on-board firmware that supports communications in an IPv6 wireless mesh network. The full package includes a Milli 5 NIC Arduino shield board, an Arduino M0 Pro, an antenna, a USB/TTL smart cable, a Micro USB Cable, a Quick Start Guide, an IoT Edge Router HW3 and a generic wireless HW3 accessory kit. Firmware currently supports CoAP over UART communication with integrated devices.

Silver Spring Networks – www.ssni.com

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