Carbon qubit developer teams with CEA-Leti

Carbon qubit developer teams with CEA-Leti

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By Peter Clarke

C12 Quantum Electronics (Paris, France) is working with French research institute CEA-Leti to make multi-qubit chips at wafer scale based on carbon nanotubes.

C12 was founded in January 2020 and has already made quantum chips on 200mm-diameter silicon wafers using CMOS processes.

In C12’s design of qubit a carbon nanotube wire is suspended above a silicon chip containing a series of parallel wires that act as control electrodes and as a communication bus. The CNTs are composed of isotropically purified carbon-12 atoms with no carbon-14 so they have zero nuclear spin to minimize any qubit decoherence.

The two partners have started manufacturing electronic chips for C12’s planned quantum accelerators. C12’s roadmap includes a range of quantum accelerators for integration into classical supercomputers.

Money in

C12 closed a $10 million seed round of funding in June 2021 (see $10m for French quantum carbon nanotube startup).

“This partnership is a key milestone for our company to transfer an academic fab process to an industrial-grade semiconductor fab process, which was a major challenge,” said Pierre Desjardins, CEO and co-founder of C12, in a statement. “Thanks to CEA-Leti, we will benefit from better quality and higher volume as well as will prepare for industrialization of our devices.”

In addition, the collaboration will further investigate integration of innovative materials to optimize the properties of qubits hosted in carbon nanotubes, and includes continued work on the design and fabrication of multi-qubit chips. A prototype is expected in 2024.  

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