Edge mount USB Type-C plug gives more board space

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By Nick Flaherty

GCT has launched an edge mount USB Type-C plug to give board designers more flexibility for connectivity and more PCB areas.

The USB4155 is mid-mounted to make the best use of the PCB thickness within the profile of the connector. The 2.9mm profile includes the external metal case for EMI / RFI protection and more strength for engaging with case designs. This helps eliminating external forces being transmitted to the PCB solder joint, boosting the reliability of the board.

The plug has two rows of SMT contacts for soldering on one side of the PCB and 2 PCB shell stakes for shell grounding and retention on the PCB.

However the right-angle plug is a different approach and requires careful consideration when designing for production and ideas and solutions for jig designs are provided in drawings from GCT. 3D models and PCB footprints ar free to download for digital evaluation and simulation.

The horizontal USB4155 complements the vertical USB4151 plug and other connectors in the GCT range to give designers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for any USB C application in any orientation.

The USB4155 is now available through GCT’s global distribution network, including Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics.

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