Flash programmer adds Infineon Aurix support

Flash programmer adds Infineon Aurix support

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By Nick Flaherty

Segger’s family of flash programming tools now supports Infineon’s latest TriCore Aurix processors. Newly supported devices include the Aurix (SAK-TCxx) and Aurix2 (SAK-TC3xx).

The Flasher in-circuit programmers developed by Segger in Germany are designed to be used in service environments, prototype programming, and for mass production. They program the flash (non-volatile) memory of microcontrollers and Systems-on-a-Chip (SoCs) as well as (Q)SPI flashes.

The Flasher programmers are designed to achieve top programming speeds, coming very close to the theoretical minimum programming time of the target hardware. In many cases, more than 95 % of the maximum speed can be achieved, often resulting in a programming speed of more than 1 MB / s.

Software and firmware updates are included. Similarly, use on all target devices currently supported, and on any that will be added, is also included: No additional licenses required, no hidden costs, no future costs.

Flashers work with a PC or in stand-alone mode, connect via USB and/or Ethernet (Flasher PRO, Flasher PRO XL, Flasher Portable PLUS and Flasher ARM), and are multi-platform for Linux, macOS and Windows.  


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