High performance connector array for COM-HPC aims for 1000 pins

High performance connector array for COM-HPC aims for 1000 pins

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By Nick Flaherty

Samtec has launched a high performance, low profile connector array for the latest COM-HPC standard with up to 400 pins and plans for a 1000 pin version

The AcceleRate HP High-Performance Arrays support 112 Gbps PAM4 data rates and is compatible with PCIe 5.0 and 100 GbEthernet. It uses an open-pin-field array which maximizes grounding and routing flexibility. System architects can route high-performance differential-pairs, single-ended signals and high-current voltage rails via the same interconnect.

The 2.2 / 2.4 / 2.2 mm row pitch eases routing of differential signals while crosstalk is minimised with the increased space and the ability to add more ground vias around the differential signals.

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“Samtec’s new AcceleRate HP High-Performance Arrays set the standard for high-speed 112 Gbps PAM4 performance in a small form factor,” said Michael Boone, Product Manager, High-Speed Board-to-Board at Samtec, Inc. “Fast-growing applications such as AI accelerators, ASIC emulators and next-gen edge computing platforms leverage these unique benefits.”

The array has a 0.635 mm pitch with a low-profile 5 mm and up to 10 mm stack heights. Up to 400 total pins are available now with a roadmap to 1,000+ pins. BGA termination provides easy assembly and self-alignment

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