IAR adds multicore debug to Visual Studio extensions

IAR adds multicore debug to Visual Studio extensions

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By Nick Flaherty

IAR Systems has extended support for its embedded software tools to help streamline the workflow in Visual Studio Code.

The most recent IAR Build and IAR C-SPY Debug Extensions v1.20 for Visual Studio (VS) Code include symmetric multicore debugging, support for more advanced breakpoint types and a customizable build toolbar.

Visual Studio Code is a popular code editor used by embedded developers to efficiently build and debug complex projects, task running, version control, and many other tasks. The IAR tools are automatically detected and support a wide range of versions for ARM, RISC-V, Renesas RH850 and RL78, AVR, 8051, and many more.

IAR C-SPY is a high-level-language debugger for embedded applications which is fully integrated into IAR Embedded Workbench, providing development and debugging capabilities within the same IDE.

The Debug Extension provides debug configuration for ARM and RISC-V, adding Microchip AVR and Renesas RL78 devices in v1.20. This version also offers symmetric multicore debugging and the use of advanced Visual Studio breakpoint types such as conditional breakpoints, data breakpoints, and log breakpoints (log messages).

The latest version also includes a new toolbar window with buttons for building the application and performing C-STAT static analysis. A new dropdown menu in the “Extension Configuration” view allows developers to select the “Custom Argument Variables” featured in IAR Embedded Workbench.

To exclude unwanted project files in the workspace from the project list, a setting for “Projects to Exclude” has been added. Furthermore, to avoid errors, the file paths in the settings file are now workspace-relative rather than absolute.

The workflows enabled by the IAR Build and IAR C-SPY Debug Extensions give software engineers all the functionality and useful shortcuts for easily managing their project files and staying in control of every line of code and every single instruction in their applications.

To meet development requirements, the VS Code extensions can also be used for other build systems, such as CMake, source control and versioning extensions like GitHub to meet development demands.

“The adoption rate by the Visual Studio Code community exceeded our expectations after launching the first official Visual Studio Code extensions on GitHub and Marketplace this year,” said Anders Holmberg, CTO at IAR Systems.

“This reflects the trend we see in the embedded industry with companies looking to mix and match technologies to increase efficiency, achieve more automation, and support various cross-platform environments. With the new version of VS Code Extensions for IAR, we have listened to feedback from the community to add more functionality into the extensions. Getting direct feedback from the user group is a very rewarding way of working and enables us to add clear value to the user experience.

The IAR Build Extension and IAR C-SPY Debug Extension for VS Code are available for download directly from Marketplace or from IAR’s GitHub pages and

For more information on IAR’s Visual Studio Code Extensions, please visit


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