Leadless TOLL package for 750V SiC FETs

Leadless TOLL package for 750V SiC FETs

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By Nick Flaherty

Qorvo has demonstrated a new surface-mount TO-leadless (TOLL) package with a Kelvin line for a 750V SiC FET with on resistance of 5.4mΩ.

This is the first product in a family of 750V SiC FETs that will be released in the TOLL package with on-resistance ranging from 5.4 mΩ to 60 mΩ. The Kelvin lines helps to reduce the on resistance.

These devices are aimed at space-constrained applications such as AC-DC power supplies ranging from several 100s of watts to multiple kilowatts, as well as solid-state relays and circuit breakers up to 100A.

The fourth generation SiC FET developed by UnitedSiC, acquired by Qorvo in November 2021.  has an on-resistance over four time lower than other silicon MOSFETs, SiC MOSFETs and GaN transistors. The 750V rating of the SiC FETs is also 100-150 volts higher than the alternative technologies, providing a significantly enhanced design margin for managing voltage transients.

TheGen4 SiC FETs use a cascode circuit configuration, in which a SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to produce a device with all of the efficiency advantages of wide bandgap switch technology and the simpler gate drive of Silicon MOSFETs.

“The launch of our 5.4mΩ Gen4 SiC FETs in TOLL packaging is an important step in our goal of providing designers with the industry’s best performance and multiple device options. Customers working on industrial applications in particular need this combination of flexibility and cost-efficient power design,” said Anup Bhalla, chief engineer for Qorvo’s Power Devices.

The TOLL package is 30% smaller in footprint and at 2.3 mm half the height of comparable alternative D2PAK surface-mount offerings. Despite the size reduction, advanced manufacturing techniques achieve an industry-leading 0.1° C/W thermal resistance from junction to case.

The DC current rating is 120A up to case temperatures of 144 C, while the pulsed current rating is 588A up to 0.5 millisecond. Combined with the ultra-low on-resistance and excellent transient thermal behaviour, this yields a rating around 8x better than a Si MOSFET in the same package, aiding robustness and immunity to transient overloads, while also simplifying the design. A Kelvin source connection is also provided in the TOLL package for reliable high-speed switching.

The Qorvo TOLL-packaged, Gen4 5.4 mΩ SiC FET is included in Qorvo’s FET-Jet free-to-use online calculator, which allows instant evaluation of efficiency, component losses and junction temperature rise for parts used in a wide variety of AC-DC and isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converter topologies. Single and paralleled devices may be compared under user-specified heat-sinking conditions to determine an optimal solution.


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