Nvidia launches cloud AI supercomputer and subscription scheme

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By Nick Flaherty

The Nvidia DGX SuperPOD is based around 20 or more A100 graphics processing unit (GPU) and InfinBand networking in its BlueField2 data processing unit (DPU). These DPUs offload, accelerate and isolate users’ data to provide customers with secure connections to their AI infrastructure. This has allowed Nvidia to offer the technology as a subscription.

Nvidia’s Base Command enables multiple users and IT teams to securely access, share and operate the DGX SuperPOD infrastructure. This coordinates AI training and operations on DGX SuperPOD infrastructure to enable the work of teams of developers located around the globe.

Increasingly, enterprise IT departments need to support the work of multiple teams at different locations, while academic and research institutions often grant outside organizations access to their computing resources. The security spans user traffic, firewalls and multi-tenant access to the storage.

“AI is the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and Nvidia DGX systems are the most effective tool for harnessing it,” said Charlie Boyle, vice president and general manager of DGX systems at Nvidia. “The new DGX SuperPOD, which combines multiple DGX systems, provides a turnkey AI data centre that can be securely shared across entire teams of researchers and developers.”

Sony is using DGX SuperPOD to enable its corporate research and development team to use AI across the company. MTS, Russia’s largest telecommunications company, is using its DGX SuperPOD as the foundation for its AI-ready development infrastructure and new public cloud service offerings, as well as to integrate AI and data science across its departments.

VinAI is using its DGX SuperPOD, which will rank as Vietnam’s fastest AI supercomputer, to accelerate AI initiatives, including autonomous vehicles, healthcare and consumer services, in Southeast Asia and around the world.

BlueField-2 DPUs offload, accelerate and isolate users and their data, allowing organizations to safely provide private cloud access to their DGX SuperPOD infrastructure with. DDN is the first NVIDIA storage partner certified to support the next-gen DGX SuperPOD with BlueField-2.

The subscription programme is for Nvidia’s DGX Station A100 that has four A100 80GB GPUs in an office form factor. This can support up to 28 researchers simultaneously, starting at a list price of $9,000 per month.

The DGX SuperPODs will be available in Q2 through Nvidia’s global partners, which can provide pricing to qualified customers upon request. Base Command will also be available starting in Q2.

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