Qualcomm augments car-to-cloud ecosystem

Qualcomm augments car-to-cloud ecosystem

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Enhancing its Snapdragon Digital Chassis connected vehicle platforms, Qualcomm introduced a feature for Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services – Connectivity-as-a-Service – that brings new technology collaborations to support out-of-the-box connectivity, integrated analytics and a cloud and device developer environment aimed to deliver new technology features, content and services globally. As integral components of the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, the Company’s Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform and Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services are designed to help build connected and vehicles that are safer, customizable, immersive and upgradeable via online connections. 

The Californian semiconductor and software vendor also introduced an integrated application framework for developing telematics and cloud-connected applications and services, the Snapdragon Telematics Applications Framework. Also new is a Wi-Fi 6E automotive chipset engineered to increase bandwidth for Wi-Fi applications and deliver content at higher speeds.

With these offerings, Qualcomm aims to enable customers in the automotive industry to develop new ecosystems to develop and deliver new, revenue-generating digital services. “We understand that automakers need unique, comprehensive and connected solutions to meet dynamic demands and power 21st century vehicles,” said Nakul Duggal, senior vice president and GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “By expanding our in-vehicle connectivity offerings to provide a transformative, scalable, extensive suite of solutions through the Snapdragon Digital Chassis, we are confident the automotive industry will be able to deliver the unmatched next-generation driving experiences customers deserve.”

Designed to support a customized user experience that can be continually refreshed throughout the vehicle lifecycle, Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services provide an upgrade path with the ability to expand system performance and features, while also having the capability to enable new digital services. Connectivity-as-a-Service expands these capabilities to provide global connectivity on Snapdragon Telematics SOC-based NAD modules along with an API-driven developer environment, creating on-device and cloud-enhanced apps/services. Fueled by telemetry data and advanced data insights from connected vehicles, the tools in the developer environment reduce the complexities that OEMs face when building connected services on telematics hardware, promises Qualcomm.

In this context, Qualcomm has signed collaboration agreements with Cognizant and Cubic Telecomm. Cognizant will work with Qualcomm Technologies to integrate and tailor Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services for automakers, with the goal of delivering rich, immersive personalized in-vehicle experiences, new connected solutions and better on-demand services. Cubic Telecomm has developed a set of car-to-cloud solutions which are based on Qualcomm’s related ecosystem and its own software products. With these services, Cubic is offering a single point of control for global out-of-the-box connectivity. It also promises to solve for regional regulation complexities with built-in compliance across regional markets.

Integrated into the Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform, the Snapdragon Telematics Application Framework is utilized to simplify application development. Open source and scalable, this set of software tools is designed to connect to Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services, allowing automotive developers to use telematics functionality across all platforms within the Snapdragon Digital Chassis. Through the Snapdragon Telematics Application Framework, developers can access a unified development environment with common APIs, which aids in reducing cost complexities when integrating technology features such as 5G, location services, memory and security into cloud-based applications and services.

Designed to address fragmentation and enable common application development across vehicle lines, the Snapdragon Telematics Application Framework is compatible with present and future platforms within the Snapdragon Digital Chassis. Anticipated to be available in early 2022, plus ongoing enhancements for new features and services, the new application framework allows developers to focus on their core expertise when creating applications that use telematics functionality to bring rich, immersive experiences with enhanced safety to modern vehicles. 

To increase bandwidth for connected applications and services, Qualcomm furthermore introduced the QCA6698AQ, a Wi-Fi 6E 4-Stream Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) plus Bluetooth version 5.3 combination chip for automotive applications. Building on the latest Qualcomm FastConnect systems, the QCA6698AQ offers simultaneous 802.11ax Dual MAC operation in both 2.4Ghz and the expanded 5/6GHz band to enable one of the highest Wi-Fi speeds in an AEC-Q100 qualified device. Designed to address the complexity of today’s dynamic automotive ecosystem, the QCA6698AQ is engineered to deliver rich in-vehicle entertainment and to dramatically increase bandwidth for concurrent Wi-Fi applications.

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