Closer ties for Intel and Qualcomm

Closer ties for Intel and Qualcomm
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The heads of Intel and Qualcomm are looking to increase co-operation as computing and communications come together.
By Nick Flaherty


Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, and Cristiano Amon, the CEO-elect of Qualcomm, were interviewed side-by-side on a CNBC television progam and repeatedly stressed the opportunities for both co-operation and friendly competition as well as the complementary nature of the two companies.

“We are the unquestioned compute leader, and Qualcomm is the unquestioned comms leader. I think the intelligent edge is just going to be this extraordinarily blossoming, explosion of new use cases, and it really requires the best of compute and the best of communications and connectivity to come together,” said Gelsinger.

Amon agreed and pointed out the complementary nature of the two companies in some aspects of semiconductors. “I think Intel becoming a foundry is a great opportunity for Qualcomm; for the United States.  We have opportunities to co-operate in connectivity; in a number of things,” said Amon.

But before observers go too carried away about a potential merger Amon used the word co-opetition and said that the two companies would compete in certain areas and that would keep the two separate companies sharp.

Gelsinger underlined Amon’s point of view saying: “And we don’t need to own the other. We can partner and create the combination powerfully together.”

Gelsinger alos said: “We believe the market, the world, is in a very expansionary period. I predict there’s 10 good years in front of us, because the world is becoming more digital, and everything digital needs semiconductors.” ;www.qualcomm.comCNBC interview

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