Qualcomm taps German video AI for mobile chips

Qualcomm taps German video AI for mobile chips

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By Nick Flaherty

AI startup TwentyBN, based in Berlin, had raised $12.5m, with the last $10m round in 2018 led by M12, Microsoft’s Venture Fund. It currently has ten staff.

“We are excited to have TwentyBN founding CEO Roland Memisevic, who co-led the world-renowned AI institute MILA with Yoshua Bengio, and team expand our AI R&D base in Toronto, which is long recognized as a hotbed for innovation and research in the field of AI. Furthermore, AI is now a core component of our mobile platforms,” said Alex Katouzian, SVP & General Manager, Mobile at Qualcomm Technologies

“We’ve invested in AI for over a decade, and continue to do so today, having recently brought on-board the top-notch AI research team, including their high-quality video dataset that is widely used by the AI research community. 

TwentyBN, founded in 2015, has offerings in touchless sensing, scene understanding, and context-aware human computer interaction so that any camera-equipped device from smartphones to robots can understand their physical surroundings and decipher human behavior to increase safety, productivity, and comfort for people.

“By integrating directly with the phone’s camera, modem, and other components of our mobile platform design, AI supports faster, more efficient processing. The Qualcomm AI Engine enables powerful image and language processing capabilities for clearer pictures and video via ArcSoft’s neural network, as well as real-time translations and voice assistance,” said Katouzian. 

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