Rigol highlights high-performance oscilloscopes, function generators, and power supplies

Rigol highlights high-performance oscilloscopes, function generators, and power supplies

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By A Delapalisse

 At the embedded world 2023 in Nuremberg, RIGOL Technologies EU GmbH is showcasing its latest top-of-the-line devices from the StationMax series, as well as new high-resolution oscilloscopes and powerful power supplies, all based on Rigol’s latest technologies.

Oscilloscope Series DS70000

The DS70000 series from the StationMax family is based on the advanced UltraVision III architecture with the Phoenix chipset. This offers a higher sampling rate, a faster acquisition rate, significantly more memory depth, and a higher vertical resolution. The unit has four analog channels, and with the enhanced 20 GSa/s chipset, the DS70300 and DS70500 models are available with bandwidths of 3 GHz and 5 GHz. The vertical resolution can be set between 8 bits and 16 bits, making it ideal for measuring very small signal components.

The DS70000 series is ideally suited for very fast signal acquisition and analysis. Typical applications include automatic testing, remote monitoring, protocol analysis of bus systems, for example in the automotive sector with CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN, RS232, SPI, and also measurements of electronic circuits as well as the measurement of switching power supplies and much more. Due to its high bandwidth and optimized spectrum analysis, this oscilloscope can also be used perfectly for RF measurements.

ARB Signal Generator Series DG70000

The DG70004 model from the StationMax series is an arbitrary signal generator with outstanding performance. It has 4 channels and 5 GHz and makes a clear statement with a maximum IQ baseband width of 1.5 GHz. The generator is based on the new SIFI-III platform and the Android operating system and represents a combination of an arbitrary waveform generator and an arbitrary function generator as well as a signal processing unit, in which the sampling rate is set and controlled depending on the function. The instrument has a 16-bit resolution and is capable of outputting arbitrary real waveforms up to 5 GSa/s and interpolated up to 10 GSa/s with a maximum memory per channel of 1.5 Gpts. The IQ modulator has a freely adjustable sampling rate from 100 Sa/s to 12 GSa/s, making an output carrier frequency of DC to 5 GHz achievable.

High-resolution Oscilloscope Series DHO4000

The DHO4000 series features a vertical resolution of 12 bits and is designed for bandwidths of 200, 400, and 800 MHz with a sampling rate of up to 4 GSa/s. The units have four analog channels and offer a memory depth of up to 500 Mpts. The minimum vertical setting for the DHO4000 series can be set to 100 µV/DIV. Additionally, two different impedances (1 MΩ, 50 Ω) can be set.

Powered by three new ASICs these scopes achieve a very low noise level of approximately 18 µVrms, and due to the vertical resolution of 12 bits, even the smallest amplitude deviations can be measured. With “Ultra Acquire”, a new analysis form has been integrated, which achieves a very fast trigger rate of 1.5 billion wfms/sec. This makes it easy to measure very fast or sporadic and short events.

Microwave generator DSG5000 Series

The microwave generator DSG5000 is available with two different frequency ranges of 9 kHz to 12 GHz and up to 20 GHz. The devices are available in versions with 2, 4, 6, or 8 channels, which have a channel-to-channel isolation of up to 85 dB (typical). For each channel, the frequency, amplitude, and all available functions can be individually set or output as a group for a desired number of channels. This series is also characterized by very low phase noise. The harmonics are up to 50 dBc below the carrier, which emphasizes very accurate and interference-free signal generation. The patented fully digital amplitude control technology provides an amplitude accuracy of <0.7 dB (typical), and the frequency accuracy of the 10 MHz reference is +/-1 ppm. Optional analog modulation forms such as analog AM, frequency FM, and phase PM can be generated over the entire frequency range starting from 1 MHz via single channels or all channels.

Applications include  EMC stress testing, system setups for quantum computer simulation and testing, radar signal generation, and much more.


DC Power Supplies

The DP2031 power supply model has three isolated channels (32 V and 6 V) with a maximum output power of 222 watts. To generate the smallest currents, the power supply has two different modes, high current, and low current. The display accuracy in the low current mode is in the µA range, which can be used for precise power supply up to 11 mA.

The power supplies are characterized by a very low ripple (<350 µVrms / 2 mVpp) and very low noise behavior, and are therefore suitable for applications where a very pure power supply is necessary. For integration into ATE systems or for fast programming, the command processing time has been significantly accelerated and is <10 ms.

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