Samsung, Google merge wearable operating systems

Samsung, Google merge wearable operating systems
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Google and Samsung are combining the Android-based Wear OS and Tizen operating system for future devices.
By Nick Flaherty


Google and Samsung are to combine their wearable operating systems.

The new Wear OS platform announced at Google I/O this week will include software from Samsung’s proprietary Tizen OS for faster responses, with apps opening up to 30 percent faster than on Wear OS and “smooth user interface animations and motion” and open up the technology to partners.

This will become more important as smartwatches add machine learning for monitoring health sensors.

“That’s why we decided to team up with Google, our long-standing strategic partner, to bring the best of our platforms together into one unified experience. As Head of the Software Development Team, I am thrilled to bring Samsung’s longstanding expertise in wearables to this joint effort in creating a blueprint for innovative future smartwatch experiences,” said Janghyun Yoon, EVP and head of the software platform team at Samsung Electronics

“We implemented our best technology to provide optimized performances, and advanced sensor batching and low power display technology to ensure an efficient and long-lasting battery,” he said.

The new Wear platform will be aimed at health and fitness applications, he says. “We know that health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and we’re excited to continue building the industry-leading health experience on our new unified platform with Google. As our consumers turn to wearable technology to monitor their wellbeing, we’re meeting these needs head on.”

“Our hope is that this platform will ignite innovation in spaces like the Galaxy Watch Studio and inspire third party development, bringing a bigger and better network of apps to benefit Galaxy users around the world. This is the chance for developers to take advantage of Samsung’s powerful network of connected devices and the growing set of global Galaxy smartwatch fans.

Samsung will continue to support the existing Tizen OS based Galaxy smartwatches for at least three years after launch.

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