VPX stacking connector for card-to-card links in harsh environments

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By Nick Flaherty

TE Connectivity (TE) had launched a VPX stacking connector compliant to the VITA 46 footprint. This connector system allows users to cable off the backplane or plug-in card for rugged, embedded computing applications. The VPX stacking connector is designed for environments where small, lightweight and rugged connectors are critical for reliability in harsh and strenuous conditions. 

The VPX stacking connector matches the footprint of the MULTIGIG RT 2 and MULTIGIG RT 2-R connector with a 4 mm and 4.4 mm stack height to fit VITA 46 half modules. It can be used as a half module or stackable side by side to fill a full connector position.

With press-fit compliant pin termination on both sides, the connector is suitable for rigid flex or board-to-board stacking where a separable interface is not required.

“This VPX stacking connector uses the industry accepted MULTIGIG RT 2-R press-fit contact system,” said Jason Dorwart, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division. “This connector is engineered to be versatile to fill full and partial slot profiles and rugged to meet the industry demands. 

TE’s VPX stacking connector is aimed at military electronics/C41SR, avionics,  ground defence and space applications.

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