A CMOS-compatible biosensor chip against infectious diseases

May 05, 2020 // By Julien Happich
biosensor chip
Roswell Biotechnologies and imec have struck a partnership to develop the first commercially available molecular electronics biosensor chips built on CMOS.

These chips are the brains behind Roswell Technologies' powerful new platform for DNA sequencing, to support precision medicine, molecular diagnostics, rapid infectious disease testing, and DNA data storage. The Roswell platform delivers the power of molecular electronic sensing, to support a full spectrum of DNA sequencing and biosensing applications. This includes the spectrum of tests necessary for the detection and containment of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, including sequencing, nucleic acid detection, antigen detection and antibody detection. The platform was also designed with the scalability to provide the solution for rapid, low-cost whole genome sequencing in precision medicine, for treating cancer and other diseases, as well as for reading massive amounts of digital data stored in DNA, which is envisioned as the future of archiving data at the global scale.

Molecular electronic sensor chips integrate single molecules as electrical sensor elements on standard semiconductor chips, making electronic biosensor devices massively scalable. While electronic biosensors have seen gradual adoption in DNA sequencing and other areas of testing, Roswell Biotechnologies claims its molecular electronics sensors represent an entirely new class of sensors, specifically designed to be maximally compatible with modern CMOS chip technology. As such, it delivers a technological breakthrough that significantly increases performance and lowers costs for high speed biomedical tests, the company says, enabling DNA sequencing and other forms of biomarkers sensing to be deployed on simple portable or handheld devices.

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