Europe launches Quantum Industry Consortium

April 19, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Europe launches Quantum Industry Consortium
The European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC) has held its first general assembly, bringing together 100 members from all the sectors of the quantum technologies headquartered in Europe.

The launch of an industrial consortium for European companies working on quantum technologies is a key, and long awaited, step forward for the technology in the region. 

The community building process started in June 2020, with the organisation of a teleconference that gathered around 300 participants. This follows a €615m from the Dutch government to boost quantum startups.

“The Quantum Community network and Jülich Forschungszentrum are especially happy to have witnessed, after almost two years of hard work, the birth of the European Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC). By coherently bringing forward the voice of industrial stakeholders of quantum technology, QuIC will join forces with all other European quantum initiatives to overcome any possible quantum winter and make the European digital decade into a quantum decade,” said Prof. Dr. Tommaso Calarco.

The QuIC has officially appointed its Governing Board as well as elected Ms. Laure Le Bars of SAP as President, Benno Broer of Qu&Co and Thomas Strohm of Bosch as Vice-Presidents and Mr. Enrique Lizaso (Multiverse Computing) as its Treasurer. Additionally, all chairs of the nine working groups have presented their objectives, milestones and deliverables, with an outlook on the future tasks.

“The second quantum revolution will bring transformative advances to science, industry and society. I am convinced that Europe can lead in research, innovation and development of Quantum Technologies. Establishing QuIC as the collaborative hub throughout Europe, building a strong and vibrant ecosystem between SMEs, large industry and investors, together with leading-edge researchers, can only boost European industry competitiveness. Together we are developing together strategic roadmaps, engaging in pre-standardisation activities, developing IP strategies, determining needs in education and skills, and we are looking forward to collaborating with the European Commission and other stakeholders,” said Laure Le Bars.

The European Commission supported the industrial partnership alongside the Quantum flagship research project.

“The establishment of the QUIC consortium comes at a time when

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