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October 20, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Foxconn brings contract manufacturing to electric vehicles
The maker of the iPhone aims to dominate the electric vehicle market in the next decade with its contract manufacturing expertise around an open technology platform

development cycle and does not open to other people in the development cycle, and the development cost remains high,” said Young Lui, the chairman of Foxconn and former head of its semiconductor equipment division, Foxsemicon Integrated Technology. He is also a former chairman of another Foxconn subsidiary, chip design house Socle.

“Tesla is the iPhone of the EV – who will be the next Android of EV? We believe this is our mission,” he said. The plan is not to compete with the car makers for the Tier One automotive suppliers, but to offer them a quicker route to market, and as a result gain Foxconn more business.

This requires cooperation, and Foxconn teamed with car maker Yulon Motor on the platform as well as component supplier Yageo. But like Tesla, the company has also developed its own lightweight unibody chassis design with an aluminium casting for the front suspension in a single unit and 27 rear components integrated into one module. This build on the core Foxconn expertise of building systems efficiently.  

As a result, Foxconn is set to become a major player across the electric vehicle market, from batteries and electronics to the platform itself.

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