Free app turns public screens touchless for Covid-19 

October 08, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
Free app turns public screens touchless for Covid-19 
The free TouchFree application combines with Ultraleap's camera module to create a Covid-19 compliant touchfree interface from a public touchscreen

Ultraleap (Bristol, UK) has launched a free application to retrofit existing kiosks and touchscreens with a touchless interface to be Covid-19 compliant.

TouchFree combines Ultraleap’s camera module and hand tracking software alongside the free application to add touchless gesture control to any screen.

TouchFree provides touchscreen emulation by detecting a user’s hand in mid-air, converting it to an on-screen cursor, and supporting interaction methods that users are familiar with. TouchFree is designed to run invisibly on top of existing user interfaces without the need for modifications to existing interfaces and design, means downtime to retrofit is kept minimal, interactions remain familiar, and the system continues to be easy for consumers to use.

Restaurants, train stations, hotels, museums and airports rely heavily on public touchscreens and kiosks to help reduce transaction time, enhance shopping experiences and handle higher volumes. According to recent Ultraleap research, while the Covid-19 pandemic continues on, 80 percent of people now think public touchscreens are unhygienic and locations are having to adapt.  

 “Conventional touchscreens have worked well over the years because of their convenience, but people want to be able to interact with them in ways they perceive to be safe. Our recent research showed that just 50% of consumers were likely to use touchscreens again,” said Steve Cliffe, CEO at Ultraleap which last year merged with US sensor developer Leap Motion.

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