Global certification programme for TSN Time Sensitive Networking

October 14, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
Global certification programme for TSN Time Sensitive Networking
A new programme from the Avnu Alliance expands scope of testing to make TSN and Milan device certification more accessible worldwide

The Avnu Alliance has launched a global testing and certification scheme for time sensitive network (TSN) at commercial test houses around the world.

The programme will streamline certification testing of devices with TSN, including devices implementing the Milan network protocol (using TSN) for professional media, making testing easier and more convenient for Avnu members around the world. 

The testing can be carried out at new Registered Test Facilities (RTF) around the world, including Granite River Labs in Karlsruhe, Germany and Santa Clara, CA, as well as Allion in Taipei City, Taiwan and Excelfore in Tokyo, Japan. These test labs will lower shipping times, offer competitive pricing models, and streamline the process for members seeking to certify products and make communications between testing sites and vendors seamless.

Avnu supports development of an ecosystem of interoperable, secure, low-latency, and highly reliable networked devices using TSN as part of the open IEEE 802.1 Ethernet standards. Avnu has a variety of test plans and programs to help manufacturers implementing TSN ensure interoperability and demonstrate that to their markets through certification programs.

These additional test sites and locations give Avnu Alliance greater ability to scale testing capacity to meet demand, while also allowing device manufacturers to enter products into testing with less lead time prior to release. 

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Avnu’s membership includes automotive, industrial, and networked media as well as infrastructure providers, silicon and component vendors, and end-device manufacturers.  These members collaborate on the current and future requirements for an interoperable TSN ecosystem and define and create conformance test procedures, plans, scripts, and tools for devices and products that leverage Milan and TSN. Those test scripts and procedures are licensed to designated, third-party testing laboratories, where the tests are independently conducted to validate compliance with the specifications. 

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The Allion TSN test lab in Taipei

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