NXP teams for China's Internet of Things

October 29, 2020 // By Nick Flaherty
NXP teams for China's Internet of Things
NXP's NTAG passive NFC chips are being used by Xiaomi to connect devices in the smart home to the Internet of Things in China

NFC chips from Dutch chip maker NXP Semiconductors are being used by Chinese equipment maker Xiomi for a new generation of stickers to simplify connections in the smart home.

The PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers and Mijia (Mi Home) mobile app simplify configuration of Xiaomi devices at home, such as lighting, door locks, alarms, TVs and speakers with a tap of a smartphone.

These use NXP’s NTAG passive NFC chips to link to the Xiaomi IoT platform to interpret commands and transfer instructions to the devices. The tags feature protected on-chip storage of NDEF formatted data for Xiaomi mobile phones to read, interpret and re-write NDEF commands and data using the Mijia (Mi Home) app as well as conduct a variety of functions. The NTAG product line also allows Xiaomi to support advanced customization to continually deliver new user experiences.

"NXP is an important partner of Xiaomi as we share a common goal to provide people with a smarter, safer and more convenient life through technology. In the past decade, many of Xiaomi's innovations could not have been achieved without NXP's strong support, and Xiaomi will continue working with NXP in the future to bring more exciting technology to people's lives," said Fan Dian, GM of MIoT & Chairman of AIoT Technical Committee with Xiaomi.

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