Clock Domain Crossing draft standard available

Clock Domain Crossing draft standard available

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By Nick Flaherty

The Accellera Systems Initiative has released its Clock Domain Crossing (CDC) Draft Standard 0.1 for public review.

The CDC Working Group was formed to define a standard CDC collateral specification to ease system on chip (SoC) integration. In-house and externally purchased IPs are often combined in these chips and it can prove challenging to verify these SoCs because a mixture of verification tools and methodologies that do not integrate are sometimes used.

Ensuring that a common clock domain crossing interface standard that every tool can translate their native format to and from is the intent of this standard. With this interface standard, every IP developer’s verification tool of choice is run to verify and produce collateral, and the standard format is generated for SoCs that used a different tool. The CDC standard would efficiently translate the collateral into a tool of choice is possible for every SoC.

SoC teams cannot reuse IP-level clock domain crossing collateral in the SoC environment if both teams use different CDC verification tools. This scenario is causing a CDC verification problem when the SoC teams source IP from IP providers that use a different tool for their own CDC verification.

To perform holistic SoC-level verification, additional resources are needed to reconverge the IP with the verification tool used by the SoC team. Redoing IP-level CDC verification is time consuming and labor intensive. Standardization on CDC collateral will bring significant benefits to not only product companies, but also IP design houses, EDA tool companies, and the entire ecosystem.

The standard is intended to enable all EDA vendors to develop tools that meet this specification in generated collateral and enable IP companies to generate collateral using various vendors and their tools. It will also enable chip companies to use the generated collateral from different vendors’ tools into their EDA tool of choice.

The Public review is open until December 31, 2023 and the draft standard is here.

The CDC Working Group invites and encourages the community to participate in the review and provide feedback through Accellera’s Clock Domain Crossing Community Forum.

The Clock Domain Crossing Working Group page.



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