Etch machine sent to aid quantum MEMS research

Etch machine sent to aid quantum MEMS research

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By Peter Clarke

Memsstar Ltd. (Livingston, Scotland) has shipped an oxide etch system for MEMS research to the Walther-Meißner-Institut for Low-Temperature Research (WMI) in Garching, Germany.

The Orbis Alpha Xeric surface micromachining tool will be used to research quantum MEMS systems on 200mm-diameter wafers.

WMI will use vapor-phase hydrogen fluoride etching for stiction-free release of MEMS and NEMS for quantum sensing. WMI also plans to use the Memsstar tool to fabricate superconducting quantum-bits (qubits).

“The truly leading-edge work being done at WMI requires our technology’s advanced control and capabilities to meet their varied application requirements,” said Tony McKie, CEO of Memsstar, in a statement.

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