Low cost 350 V GaN power transistor 20x smaller

Low cost 350 V GaN power transistor 20x smaller

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

EPC has announced the production release of the EPC2050, a 350 V GaN power transistor with a maximum RDS(on) of 80 mΩ and a 26 A pulsed output current. The EPC2050 measures just 1.95- x 1.95-mm. This tiny size enables power solutions that occupy ten times less area than comparable silicon solutions.

Applications benefiting from the fast-switching speed and tiny size of the EPC2050 GaN power transistor include DC-DC conversion from/to 120-160 V such as in aerospace applications, 120-150 V motor control for medical motors, DC-AC inverters, multi-level converters such as Totem Pole PFC and DC-DC products converting 400 V input to 12 V, 20 V or 48 V outputs. Additional applications include fast chargers, battery management systems, electric vehicle charging, solar power inverters, high power lidar for autonomous cars and delivery vehicles, LED lighting, RF switches, and consumer and industrial wirings like wall-mounted sockets and Class D Audio.

The EPC2050 GaN power transistor is also suitable for 120 VAC-only applications. A typical power supply bus voltage is between 170 V and 250 V. This includes applications specific to the Americas market, such as power tools and in-wall powered devices, seat-back airline 120 V inverters, and commercial LED lighting.

“With the EPC2050, designers no longer have to choose between size and performance – they can have both and lower cost!” said Alex Lidow, EPC’s CEO.

The EPC90121 development board is a 350 V maximum device voltage, 4 a maximum output current half bridge featuring the EPC2050 GaN power transistor, and the On-Semi NCP51820 gate driver. The board measures 2- x 2-inches and contains all critical components, and the layout supports optimal switching performance.

The EPC2050 eGaN FET is priced for 1K units at $3.05 each, and the EPC90121 development board is priced at $156.25 each. Both are available from Digi-Key at

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