Zeta IoT module adds over the air updates

Zeta IoT module adds over the air updates

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By Nick Flaherty

Toppan Printing has enhanced its communication module for the Zeta IoT low power wide area networking protocol with over the air (OTA)  updates.

The Zeta protocol was developed by ZiFiSense in Cambridge and Shanghai and combines a bidirectional Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) link and distributed access with a self-healing mesh topology.

Toppan sees Zeta gaining attention as a form of communication infrastructure for low-data-volume sensor devices, such as those for temperature, humidity, and voltage. The mesh network enables stable wireless communication in locations in which connection using other LPWA networks can be problematic, such as factories with complex layouts and office buildings with underground facilities.

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Toppan’s TZM902 module is approximately 25 percent smaller than the previous model as the result of a redesign around a system on a chip (SoC) to reduce the number of components, use of smaller components, and removal of the antenna connector. The Zeta Alliance is working with chip designer Socionext on SoC devices for the protocol.

Robust security is provided by standard functions for encryption-based data protection, spoofing prevention, and inhibition of communication between different groups using device whitelists.

The TZM902 module also supports Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for wireless rewriting of firmware. This eliminates the need to recover terminals and vastly improves the efficiency of maintenance operations, particularly for devices in locations that are remote or difficult to access.

The module can be used as a add-on board for Sony’s SPRESENSE single board computer (SBC) that includes a GPS receiver and high-resolution audio codecs. “The launch of mass production of the new TZM902 communication module marks the latest step in Toppan’s efforts to drive the adoption of the Zeta protocol and make the widespread implementation of the IoT a reality,” said Yoshihisa Aida, General Manager of Marketing in Toppan’s Electronics Division. “The smaller size of the new module and ability to update firmware over wireless networks will provide significant benefits for companies developing new edge devices and other ZETA-related products.”;;

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