AImotive, MathWorks team on AI simulation

February 17, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
AImotive aiSim and RoadRunner
AImotive is to integrate the RoadRunner 3D scene editing capability from MathWorks into its aiSim ISO26262 simulation tool

European AI developer AImotive is working with MathWorks on a tool flow to easily create road and 3D networks for simulation and generating synthetic data.

The deal will se AImotive add the Mathworks RoadRunner tool into its aiSim ISO26262 certified automotive grade simulation platform for end-to-end testing of automated driving software. The simulator has to include high-fidelity environment and realistic sensor simulation with precise, well-defined maps and quality assets as an input. AImotive has integrated RoadRunner, which is an interactive editor from MathWorks that lets users design 3D scenes for simulations, into aiSim, the world’s first , to solve this challenge.

The result of the collaboration provides a user-friendly way to create various environments using RoadRunner’s intuitive map editor, ranging from dense urban scenes to compliance specific test cases.

In addition, the integration allows users to create and edit OpenDrive maps and import GIS data and place the built-in high-fidelity assets of aiSim mixed with RoadRunner’s extensive asset library. The created content can be readily imported to the ASIL-D certified simulator, exercising its advanced sensor simulation capabilities.

"Automated driving engineers use virtual testing to reduce the cost and risk of in-vehicle testing. To achieve the most benefit from virtual testing, engineers need to simulate scenes that closely match the real-world, which are time consuming to create” said Avinash Nehemiah, Principal Product Manager for Autonomous Systems at MathWorks. "With the connectivity between RoadRunner and aiSim engineers can easily author complex, simulation-ready scenes in RoadRunner for virtual testing in aiSim".

"We are very proud to work with MathWorks RoadRunner on providing more user-friendly ways for content creation, especially when it comes to the latest challenges for the industry, like sensor and environment simulation. This new collaboration fits well and extends our existing integration with other MathWorks product like MATLAB and Simulink. More importantly we think this is a big step forward for our users having the benefit of an intuitive and well-designed content creation tool seamlessly integrated with a deterministic, flexible and

AImotive aiSim and MathWorks RoadRunner

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